I have a confession… I am super cheap when it comes to 2 things, my kids haircuts and socks. Ha! Yeah, I know, I’m probably the first to admit that I hate spending money on socks, but it’s true!! Strangely enough, I had a very serious conversation with somebody about buying socks just yesterday. Besides my kids, who grow out of socks every year, I haven’t bought myself socks in years. Don’t worry, I’m not out running around in holey socks… lol, I don’t know why that’s funny! Fortunately for me, my mom tends to buy me socks for all sorts of occasions: Christmas, my birthday, even Valentine’s Day. Lol! Maybe that’s why I don’t like buying them myself. Anyhow, lol, this post doesn’t have anything to do with socks… I tend to ramble, but that’s why it’s called Old Rambling Road. =)

Morale of the story, I have paid somebody else to cut my children’s hair ONCE, and it was the biggest waste of money! Mac is 4 and Rosie will be 3 THIS month. (Look for a future post on her Birthday Party currently in the works.) Anyway, that’s a whole lot of haircuts!!

Poor Mac was beginning to look like a Chia Pet, a much overgrown one at that! I have researched boys haircuts online and found a few YouTube videos that helped a little, but my jaw dropped when I found this awesome diagram from Heavenly Homemakers, where else?! Pinterest of course!!    ***Applause***


I’m sorry that I don’t have photos during the haircut process, but let’s be real, it was 2 toddlers vs. me and my scissors!!
I did get one photo of Batman after his cut, but the only thing that it proves is that a child’s haircut is a work in progress. I have tried everything from candy to handheld games to keep them occupied, but the best advice I can give is to have backup!!! You also want to work quickly (yet carefully), and don’t feel ashamed if you have to cut one day and trim up the next. Because I cut so much off of Mac’s hair, aka Batman, I knew I would have to trim up the next day, which you can totally see from the photo just how uneven the front was. I always save the front for last because I want it to blend, but not be too short. Anyway, as I say, it’s a work in progress, and to save $9-16 I’m willing to make it work.


I also used this girls haircut tutorial from Shwin & Shwin  to cut little Rosie’s hair. She was being shy, so maybe I’ll have add a photo later. =)

***Inserted 3-13-13, I forgot to include another very helpful boys cut tutorial loaded with photos. I don’t know about y’all, but I am a visual learner. All of these bloggers do a great job teaching with visual tools.***

I was very pleased with the instructions and photos in both of these tutorials!! Both my son and daughter’s FREE haircuts turned out great this time around with all of the tips I learned from these tutorials! I only wish I’d been able to take more photos, but maybe next time. After all, in the midst of cutting hair we had a few potty training mishaps, and discovered red icing pressed into our new carpets in our rental house….AAHHHHHH!!! Yes, I said red icing and new carpet in the same sentence! I will post on how to remove red icing sometime this week.

Here’s the link to my Hair and Beauty pinboard for even more awesome tips, tricks and inspiration.


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