Help with WordPress?!

Hi all of you fellow WordPress bloggers! I give you all kudos for creating and managing some of the best blogs I have ever seen!!

I am writing to you specifically because I need help! Lol! Any and all tips of the trade that you can offer will be much appreciated.

I have typed a blog post TWICE that has been deleted both times. I’m desperately trying to get a post finished about how to remove red icing from carpet. I’ve read how to link images and URL’s back to other bloggers that I received inspiration or ideas from, but I save my draft and for some reason when I go back to preview the links are gone. Nothing, not even the “title” that I entered for the URL is shown. It shows on my screen where I’m editing, but when I preview it’s gone!! Then I go back to the edit screen and it’s gone there too!!

I’m getting VERY frustrated, and even thinking about switching to blogger instead. Please help if you can…

Your Truly,

Rambling Rose


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