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Help with WordPress?!

Hi all of you fellow WordPress bloggers! I give you all kudos for creating and managing some of the best blogs I have ever seen!!

I am writing to you specifically because I need help! Lol! Any and all tips of the trade that you can offer will be much appreciated.

I have typed a blog post TWICE that has been deleted both times. I’m desperately trying to get a post finished about how to remove red icing from carpet. I’ve read how to link images and URL’s back to other bloggers that I received inspiration or ideas from, but I save my draft and for some reason when I go back to preview the links are gone. Nothing, not even the “title” that I entered for the URL is shown. It shows on my screen where I’m editing, but when I preview it’s gone!! Then I go back to the edit screen and it’s gone there too!!

I’m getting VERY frustrated, and even thinking about switching to blogger instead. Please help if you can…

Your Truly,

Rambling Rose


Bipolar… a rambling brain

The following material is an honest, vulnerable representation of a true mental or psychological illness.
Please proceed with care.

So, I have been trying to write, edit and add photos for the blog post I promised, “How to Remove Red Icing from Carpet,” but my brain rambles so that I cannot get the stupid thing finished!! Ha! It’s really NOT a stupid post it’s actually very beneficial, I think; however, I am on a rant!

Living with Bipolar Disorder is like being trapped inside a brain that NEVER stops. For example, I should be in bed asleep right now, but all I can think about is the 100’s of things that I want to accomplish. My biggest problem is that I don’t have a lick of energy most days. Today, was actually a very productive day (LOVE those days). Unfortunately, those days are limited to about 2-3 days per week, and they are almost guaranteed to be followed by a day that I can hardly get out of bed. Hence the overwhelming amount of pins on my Pinterest, the reason for starting this blog, and the reason that I pray that I will somehow find a job working from my home computer. ***PLEASE do NOT send me a bunch of spam, work-from-home schemes!! =) ****

{{This isn’t a job interview, but when I was proof-reading I had to add…. I am a very good employee, I learn quickly and work hard; unfortunately, my psychological disorder likes to rear its ugly head at the most inopportune times. I have had to quit many a jobs because I literally could not make it into work.}}

I realize that this is a very personal post. People (maybe you) are most likely judging me as you read this. Bipolar disorder and Depression in general have a very large stigma attached to them. People have very strong opinions about people like me. I get it. It’s easy to say, ” Well, I don’t want to get out of bed most days, but I have to.” “I feel depressed but I go on with my life.” I say, GOOD FOR YOU!! I thank God that everybody does not have to endure the pain, both physical and mental, that I experience on a regular basis.

Why am I telling you this?

A few reasons…

1. I can’t turn my brain off long enough to write the post that I want to write.
2. I knew when I started this blog that eventually (maybe not this soon) I intended to share my life with bipolar, depression and all of the experiences that come along with it. LOL…. to be honest, you would have figured it out eventually. My brain bounces around so much that it’s hard for ME to keep up, much less anyone else. My boyfriend lovingly jokes by saying, “How was your day today, honey? Did you see that bunny rabbit?” LOL. Thaaaat’s funny. I don’t care who ya are.
3. We, the people who live with these debilitating illnesses, have stayed silent, hidden in the shadows, and coward away from telling “our” truth because of the fear of judgment.
4. And final. I have personally experienced too many friends and family members committing suicide! Statistics say that suicide is on a rise. How can I, a person, a humane person, step aside and watch as the suicide rate increases when I know all too well WHY it’s happening? I know all too well, what that pain feels like. To be willing to give everything up to make the pain go away, the problems go away, the despair, hopelessness, overwhelming thoughts of sadness, worthlessness, …… it goes on and on and on…..

=) Smile! Please?!
I honestly didn’t intend for this to turn into such a dark, gloomy blog post, and if it has I am truly sorry. I’m just hoping, and praying, that you will not shed too much judgment…. or shame onto me… “us.” I am speaking out for many people when I share a glimpse into the dark that is within. Fortunately, (LOL!) I don’t just battle depression which is mostly what I’ve been talking about, but I also get to experience Bipolar. Yay, me! Lol! NOT!! Ha.

Anyway, this is turning into much more “sharing” than I had intended. Lol.

If you continue to stick with me and follow my blog, I promise, it will not ALL be like this!!

I have lots of fun DIY, decorating, Pinterest recreations, furniture painting, thrift store junking and more cool family fun projects. This type of post is just like my disorder. It’s a part of me, but it does not define me. There is sooo much more. I just hope that you will stick around long enough to find out. And who knows? Maybe through posts like this one you will learn something that just might help your brother, sister or best friend.

Yours Truly,
Rambling Rose

P.S. This whole blog is very confusing and I am not very tech-capable!! If you can offer any tips, suggestions etc. for easy posting such as linking to another one of my posts, or linking to another blogger or pinterest, or how to make those cool little collage photos that I see other bloggers using…. pretty much anything!! LOL! I need help… Lol, in more ways than one! =)


I have a confession… I am super cheap when it comes to 2 things, my kids haircuts and socks. Ha! Yeah, I know, I’m probably the first to admit that I hate spending money on socks, but it’s true!! Strangely enough, I had a very serious conversation with somebody about buying socks just yesterday. Besides my kids, who grow out of socks every year, I haven’t bought myself socks in years. Don’t worry, I’m not out running around in holey socks… lol, I don’t know why that’s funny! Fortunately for me, my mom tends to buy me socks for all sorts of occasions: Christmas, my birthday, even Valentine’s Day. Lol! Maybe that’s why I don’t like buying them myself. Anyhow, lol, this post doesn’t have anything to do with socks… I tend to ramble, but that’s why it’s called Old Rambling Road. =)

Morale of the story, I have paid somebody else to cut my children’s hair ONCE, and it was the biggest waste of money! Mac is 4 and Rosie will be 3 THIS month. (Look for a future post on her Birthday Party currently in the works.) Anyway, that’s a whole lot of haircuts!!

Poor Mac was beginning to look like a Chia Pet, a much overgrown one at that! I have researched boys haircuts online and found a few YouTube videos that helped a little, but my jaw dropped when I found this awesome diagram from Heavenly Homemakers, where else?! Pinterest of course!!    ***Applause***


I’m sorry that I don’t have photos during the haircut process, but let’s be real, it was 2 toddlers vs. me and my scissors!!
I did get one photo of Batman after his cut, but the only thing that it proves is that a child’s haircut is a work in progress. I have tried everything from candy to handheld games to keep them occupied, but the best advice I can give is to have backup!!! You also want to work quickly (yet carefully), and don’t feel ashamed if you have to cut one day and trim up the next. Because I cut so much off of Mac’s hair, aka Batman, I knew I would have to trim up the next day, which you can totally see from the photo just how uneven the front was. I always save the front for last because I want it to blend, but not be too short. Anyway, as I say, it’s a work in progress, and to save $9-16 I’m willing to make it work.


I also used this girls haircut tutorial from Shwin & Shwin  to cut little Rosie’s hair. She was being shy, so maybe I’ll have add a photo later. =)

***Inserted 3-13-13, I forgot to include another very helpful boys cut tutorial loaded with photos. I don’t know about y’all, but I am a visual learner. All of these bloggers do a great job teaching with visual tools.***

I was very pleased with the instructions and photos in both of these tutorials!! Both my son and daughter’s FREE haircuts turned out great this time around with all of the tips I learned from these tutorials! I only wish I’d been able to take more photos, but maybe next time. After all, in the midst of cutting hair we had a few potty training mishaps, and discovered red icing pressed into our new carpets in our rental house….AAHHHHHH!!! Yes, I said red icing and new carpet in the same sentence! I will post on how to remove red icing sometime this week.

Here’s the link to my Hair and Beauty pinboard for even more awesome tips, tricks and inspiration.

snow day

Doesn’t look like while be going anywhere anytime soon, so…. what better time to give birth to this baby blog. Cheesy? Yeah, I think so too, but that’s how I roll.